How do Muslims feel about these terrorist groups committing these acts in the name of Allah and the religion of Islam?

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There are groups like Isis who are committing these unspeakable acts. How does the general Muslim feel about these attacks? I have heard the term "extremist" used very heavily, as these men believe they should kill anyone but Muslims. Also, isn't this contradictory, as committing suicide (like in these suicide bombings) is punished by Hellfire?
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Hi there,

I'll tell you exactly how all of us Muslims feel about these attacks. I'll begin with answering your concerns about killing people and committing suicide directly using passages from the Quran. Words which come from the god of Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, Abraham etc (May Peace Be Upon Them All)

Allah says in the Quran, chapter 5, verse number 32.

“Whoever kills a person [unjustly]…it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind.”

1. Killing of Innocent People: After reading the above lines you understand that Islam does not allow the killing of any innocent person. Allah himself is telling us that it's a grave thing to do.

Allah almighty says in the Quran, chapter 4, verse number 29-30:

"Don't kill yourself. No doubt Allah (swt) is merciful and anyone who does so, will be pushed in fire. And it is easy for Allah (swt)." 

2. Referring to suicide: confirming what you mentioned, it is not allowed in Islam to commit suicide and anyone doing so will be pushed into fire, e.g. go to hell.

3. Regarding ISIS: One of the biggest deliberate hypocrisy of our time is the under reporting of the hundreds & thousands of Muslims killed by ISIS. In fact, ISIS has killed more Muslims than non-muslims.

We believe that these ISIS people are nothing more than paid mercenaries that have been sent into these oil rich countries to further the war machine of certain states. To further their colonization and resource grabbing efforts. 

Created solely to turn one half of humanity against the other by means of their own biased media machines to ensue confusion and ensure their actions are not questioned by their own people.  

By the proof shown above, from the Quran, none of us believe ISIS to be Muslims. As they don't follow Islam and we are equally disgusted with their actions. 

These are tough times. There is a lot of mistrust amongst humanity. A lot of our resources are being used to plunder and kill us, when they can be re-directed towards research, advancement and betterment.

I pray to Allah that he send's back prophet Jesus, son of the virgin Mary (May Peace Be Upon Him) as soon as possible, so he can end evil and peace amongst us all can prevail. Ameen.



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