Do Muslims Worship Muhammad?

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No, Muslims do not worship Muhammed. The fundamental principle of Islam is a belief in only one God (Allah) and that Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is the messenger of God.

So basically, Muslims worship Allah (God) alone and believe that the Prophet Muhammad is Allah’s apostle who brought his message to mankind, just like all the previous prophets e.g. Noah, Abraham, David, Solomon, Moses, Jesus etc.

Unlike in Christianity where Jesus is thought of as a ‘son of God’ and worshipped. In Islam: Muhammad only forms the link between Allah and humanity. He holds an esteemed position for that. The Prophet is in no way considered to be ‘God’ or a “progeny of God” and is a mere mortal who was divinely ordained to guide mankind towards the Creator: Allah - who alone is worshipped in Islam.

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again an important piece is left out. While it is accurate to say that muslims do not worship Mohammed, it is not forthcoming on some details. The Koran states that Mohammed is the perfect example of how muslims should live their lives. So 80% of muslim belief and custom and ways of living is based on the life of Mohammed. What he did, Muslims must do. How he lived, Muslims must emulate. This is problematic since Mohammed was a violent, womanizing, pedaphile.
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