Do Muslims Have To Get Married?

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In Islam, marriage is highly encouraged, and it is generally considered a virtuous and important institution. While there is an encouragement for Muslims to marry, it is not an absolute requirement.

The Quran promotes the idea of marriage as a means of finding companionship, mutual support, and fulfilling one's sexual desires in a (legal) way prescribed by Islam.

Prophet Muhammad is reported to have said, "O young people! Whoever among you is able to marry, should marry..." (Sahih al-Bukhari). This hadith reflects the encouragement for marriage, especially for those who are capable and ready to fulfill the responsibilities that come with it.

In summary, while Islam encourages marriage, it does not impose it as a strict obligation on every individual. Muslims are allowed to remain single if they have valid reasons, but the general guidance is to seek marriage for those who are able and willing to fulfill the responsibilities associated with it.
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