Why Do Muslims Wear White Long Dress Like Clothes...

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is it a religious thing?

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This is a common miss-understanding/assumption that all Muslims wear those long white dresses and towels on their heads. The fact of the matter is that those long dresses or dress like clothing is worn by Arab men only and Arabs make up less than 3% of the entire Muslim population. Assuming that all Arabs were Muslims. Which is not true, amongst the Arabs a lot are Christians and Jews.

Even if we took the entire north African peninsula and for the sake of this answer assumed they too were Arabs. They'd still only make up a very small fraction of the 1.8 billion Muslims of the world.

There is no set dress code for Muslim men. Nor is there a set race or color or culture of Muslims. Muslims come from all over the world. So a white Muslim from America would dress in whatever white Americans of his town/city wear. A Chinese Muslim would wear Chinese clothes etc.

Similarly there is not a specific food or language set for Muslims.... in case your wondering.

Hope that answers your question.
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