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About: Hello everyone. I have been doing bodybuilding for many years. This sport is very addictive and satisfying. Many bodybuilders use sports supplements to achieve a particular result faster. I am one of these people. There is nothing wrong with that, the main thing is to use everything in moderation.

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Bodybuilding and bodybuilding is a sport. The process of building (hypertrophy of skeletal muscles) and development of muscle mass while maintaining the quality and aesthetics of the athlete's body, through resistance training (usually in the gym to perform physical exercises using barbells, dumbbells, various strength machines). An important role is played by proper and special nutrition. This also implies the intake of high-energy special food (with a high content of nutrients, in particular, proteins).

A person who trains to increase muscle volume is called a bodybuilder or bodybuilder, colloquially a jock. Bodybuilding competitions are competitions in which judges evaluate the muscles of posing participants in a certain weight category based on selection criteria for volume, aesthetic proportions, as well as symmetry and balance, and determine the bodybuilder with the most perfect body. Bodybuilding competitions, where athletes demonstrated their muscles, began to be held in 1960

Bodybuilding became very popular in the 1950s and 1960s. Most of the propaganda came from Charles Atlas, whose commercials in comics and other publications based on muscular superheroes led many young people to start exploring ways to develop the body. It was then that the most famous contests and competitions such as “Mr. Universe” and “Mr. America” ​​appeared. It was these competitions that paved the way for other modern competitions. At the same time, many magazines popularizing bodybuilding appeared – “Strength & Health” and “Muscular Development”. Filming some bodybuilders in films also only added to the popularity of the sport. The most popular in the movie was Steve Reeves, who played the roles of Hercules, Samson and other legendary heroes.

Despite the fact that anabolic steroids have appeared for a long time, it is the 1970s that are called the “uprising of anabolic steroids”, and not only in bodybuilding, but also in other sports. In bodybuilding, this is due to a sharp jump in muscle volume, starting with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Colombo, Louis Ferigno, Dorian Yeats, Lee Haney and Paul DeMayo, as well as the emergence of such athletes as Rich Gaspari and Andreas Munzer. Although there was open discussion about the use of anabolic steroids in the 1970s, until 1990 they were legal. In 1990, the US Congress listed anabolic steroids as a “controlled substance”. In Canada, due to the scandal with Ben Johnson at the Seoul Olympics, liability for the use of steroids has been introduced into the Canadian Criminal Code. Steroids are classified as potent class 6.

More interesting facts about bodybuilding can be found by clicking on the link – .
Mar 15 by Michael