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Simple And Beautiful Smile Direct Club Vs Byte Teeth Without Braces

Healthy, well-groomed and beautiful teeth are a showcase of each of us, especially in times when the external appearance defines our attractiveness and has a significant impact on whether we will be successful or not smile direct club vs byte. A smile straight from Hollywood not only gives us confidence, but also raises our self-esteem in a way. This, in turn, translates into contacts with other people. And what if mother nature was not entirely kind to us and instead of smiling from the catalog, she gave us unattractive teeth? Is there any other effective method for crooked teeth apart from the classic orthodontic appliance? How to straighten your teeth without wearing the characteristic "wires", which are not always comfortable? Contemporary orthodontics has moved on and today offers some interesting alternatives to regular braces.

Where Do Malocclusions Come From?

Crooked teeth is not only an aesthetic problem. Misaligned teeth are more prone to disease, and in some cases can compress on nerves and cause headaches . Where do malocclusions come from? Some abnormalities arise in the womb, which we are completely unaware of. Sometimes they don't develop until the postnatal period. For this reason, malocclusion can be divided into congenital and acquired.

Research shows that bad habits and improper performance of physiological functions have a large impact on malocclusion. No less important factor is too early loss of deciduous teeth. How is this possible? If the milk teeth fall out too soon smile direct club vs byte, the permanent teeth will not have adequate support and will therefore grow crookedly.

Another cause of a crooked bite may be inadequate breathing. As strange as it sounds, it is true. Babies who breathe through their mouths instead of their noses put their tongues in a position smile direct that is conducive to loss

contact with the palate. If this is repeated often, the jaw becomes narrow, which in turn manifests itself in the so-called gothic palate. The number of stimuli provided by the masticatory organ also affects the proper development of teeth. When a toddler avoids hard foods and eats liquid or soft food more often, the milk teeth are not subjected to the process of natural abrasion. Hence the simple path to the development of malocclusion.

Wine Teats:

Crooked teeth through nipples? Of course, there is such a risk, so it is not advisable to give a pacifier to babies over 18 months of age. Prolonged thumb sucking, drinking from a nipple bottle, and chin support while sitting can also contribute to bite irregularities smile direct. In some cases, malocclusion is caused by genetic factors. If the family has had such problems before, then there is a high probability that the child will also struggle with them.

A beautiful smile does not always require a fixed camera
While in the past no irregularities and crooked teeth were bothered, today we are willing to straighten our bite. It is popular today to align teeth in children , as well as straighten teeth in adults smile direct club vs byte . No wonder. People with a correctly positioned bite have a more symmetrical face and better defined cheekbones and lower jaw.

Interestingly, correctly positioned teeth also prevent the appearance of wrinkles. It should be emphasized here that the alignment of teeth does not always have to be done by wearing a fixed orthodontic appliance. Modern orthodontics is so developed that it offers a whole range of other, equally effective solutions smile direct. A splint is a good and relatively inexpensive alternative to a classic orthodontic appliance. The overlay without the characteristic locks and latches is worn according to the doctor's instructions. It does not cause discomfort and does not interfere with eating or talking, although at first we may feel strange with it and you will have to get used to it. In children under the age of 14, crooked teeth can be straightened using a removable appliance. It is put on mainly at night and taken out during the day.

A good alternative to a conventional appliance is the Incognito appliance, i.e. braces from the inside. As the name suggests, the camera is completely invisible and, importantly smile direct club vs byte, does not interfere with everyday functioning, and at the same time perfectly fulfills its role. Due to the fact that the Incognito appliance with each bracket and arch is individually designed, the treatment time is significantly reduced.
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