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Orthodontic Allow Candid Aligners Review

Although it may seem like a recent orthodontic system candid aligners review, Ourense Orthodontic professionals have been working with transparent aligners for more than 8 years , with which teeth can be straightened without using braces, and our experience allows us to affirm that with this type of aligners we can treat all the problems that are usually treated with braces.

Many of the people who visit us who have already worn metal and cosmetic braces , and their teeth that are reassembled due to lack of use of retention, choose to realign and fix their teeth without braces. For us it is an ideal system to treat this type of case. It is also a treatment that is very well suited for any other patient who wants to fix their teeth without braces. In addition to being suitable for all ages , both in the case of children and adults, they can be used to correct teeth without braces from the simplest to the most complex cases.

What Are Clear Aligners?

They are splints in the shape of your teeth , which are changed every 7 or 15 days, depending on each case and each of these splints makes progressive movements on your teeth, until they are placed in a final position planned from the beginning of the treatment.

How Can Teeth Be Straightened With Braces-free Orthodontics?

The first and most important step is the diagnosis and planning of the case. A study of the patient is made and an intraoral 3D scanner is taken to digitize the mouth from its starting position. With the help of an external company and its software, the movements we want to make with your teeth are virtually planned. It is this way we will get the final position that we want to achieve candid aligners review. Then they begin to manufacture the aligners made to measure for your mouth , with which you can show off perfectly aligned teeth without the need for braces.

Once we receive them in the consultation, the patient goes for periodic reviews to progress with the use of aligners with all the guarantees and the continuous supervision of the orthodontist.

The aligners come in numbered packages, 1,2,3… etc. You will progressively change the aligners at home according to the instructions given by the doctor. It is advisable to use them 10 pm daily. They are removable , so they must be removed to eat, being able to drink only water with them in place. In candid aligners review addition to being an orthodontic system much more aesthetic than braces , it allows you to eat all kinds of food as if you were not wearing orthodontics (another benefit of correcting teeth without braces)

Another advantage of this type of treatment is that you do not need to change your oral hygiene habits. You can continue brushing as you normally did .

Experience also tells us that with this type of treatment you have fewer emergencies caused by mouth sores. These usually appear due to the friction of the wire of the brackets. Each one of the aligners designed and adapted to your mouth will make progressive movements over your teeth. They will finally reach the position foreseen, studied and analyzed by the orthodontist from the first minute in which your treatment begins.

The success of the aligner treatment will depend on the knowledge of the professional who performs it and the experience they have working with them. Aligners are not "magic" and that is why it is important that the person leading the treatment is truly an orthodontic specialist.

The different brands of aligners generate certificates that candid aligners review they give to doctors, without distinguishing if they are an orthodontic specialist or not. Being certified in a specific brand, Invisalign , Quicksmile or Spark is not equivalent to having experience in orthodontics, or having passed any exam on this techni
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